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The Logo

by Richard Gorsuch, artist/creator

The two outstreched hands - unlifted - express praise and worship unto our God most high.

The hands also are symbolic of reaching out to others (Helping One Another) - Koininia and love is in this expression (We are no longer strangers).

The leaves of the tree are symbolic of the branches (John 15 - Vine/Branch/Fruit) extending from Jesus, the Vine.  They also express fire - flames - as we see this symbol in Pentacost and the fire is a living symbol of God/Jesus/Holy Spirit.

The red tree is an expression of the Blood of Christ and Love of God.  The orange color denotes the warmth of fire/the intimacy of friendship and koininia.  The white background is symbolic of holiness, purity, and our lives being cleaned from our sin because of Christ and the Cross.

Christ has broken down the walls that separate us is the undergirding thesis of the symbol which I designed to make a clear statement of unity representing the Association of Christian Churches of South Dakota. The overall concept of the design is intended to proclaim our unity - which we in the Cross - which is in the very Center of the logo design and is in the very center of the diversities that need not separate us, but rather unify us in Him.